international boarding school

How to Choose the Right International Boarding School for Your Child

Boarding schools put youngsters in a community that fosters character development and helps them excel intellectually. For many families, the decision to send their kids to international boarding school is…

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Exploring the Center for Innovation and Education

Everyone knows that space technology is a highly competitive branch of STEM. But, have you heard of The Center for Innovation and Education? This learning resource helps everyone, from students…

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Career Pathways for Aspiring UXUI Designers

Career Pathways for Aspiring UX/UI Designers: A Few Options to Consider

Just about everyone in the United States and in most western countries uses a smartphone or has access to a laptop in 2022. But have you ever wondered what made…

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Training Courses Can Help You Become A Better Leader

How Training Courses Can Help You Become A Better Leader

In an ideal world, all business leaders should be able to point the right direction towards the achievement of the organizationā€™s objectives and goals. Great leaders should have the ability…

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liberal arts vs STEM

Liberal Arts vs STEM: Which Education Path Is Right for You?

It’s projected that about 3.7 million students graduated from high school between 2018-2019. With such a large percentage of people graduating from high school, it doesn’t mean that they’re sure…

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homeschooling a high schooler

7 Helpful Tips for Homeschooling a High Schooler

More and more people have been homeschooling their children since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is true of kids whose schools have simply shut down, or children whose…

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tax preparer certifications

What Employers Look For With Tax Preparer Certifications

There are only about 60,000 tax preparers working throughout the U.S. at this time. This should make it pretty easy for you to find a job as a tax preparer…

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self-motivation techniques

5 Self-Motivation Techniques to Get You Through (And Beyond) School

Did you know that over 16 million adults in the US suffer from some form of depression? Even the simplest form of depression can halt your progress in life. You…

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How Language Learning Will Change In The Future

How Language Learning Will Change In The Future

Language learning is becoming quite popular as more people take interest in other countries and cultures. Of course, their purpose for taking on the endeavor tends to vary. For example,…

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high paying jobs in demand for the future

5 High-Paying Careers With Guaranteed Job Security

The perfect career is one that you’re not only passionate about but also pays well and provides job security. If this sounds too good to be true, think again! There…

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