How To Avoid And Prevent Plagiarism In Assignments: 5 Recommended Tools

Plagiarism is an unethical practice that haunts both the teachers and the students.

With dire long-term implications on student life and professional career, students must avoid it at all costs.

On the other hand, teachers do what they can to prevent plagiarism in assignments.

However, the responsibility falls into the student’s bucket to avoid it. Not only because it’s a harmful practice, but it’s morally wrong.

Then, it affects their studies and connects with their career with damaging tendencies.

So, how should a student avoid it? Moreover, how should a teacher detect it?

To understand the process of avoiding and preventing plagiarism, it’s necessary for both sides to understand the kind of plagiarism they can face.

Then, it’s imperative to learn the type of tools that help us avoid them. So, let’s find out.

What Is Plagiarism: 3 Main Types

Plagiarism is the unethical practice of copying, duplicating, or mimicking an existing work.

In some cases, plagiarism is accidental, but it’s not any less harmless. That’s why there is no other way but to avoid it at all costs.

So, to help you understand just what it is, here are its three main types.

  • Patchwork
    Patchwork or mosaic plagiarism is when a writer changes a few things here and there to make it original.It’s one of the severe forms of plagiarism since it doesn’t change the original content or give credit to the authentic writer.
  • Blatant Duplicity
    This type of plagiarism is copying something in its entirety and presenting it as your own.This is the most unethical type, as it doesn’t give the original writer any credit, and the content plagiarizer basically takes credit for someone else’s work.
  • Accidental
    This is the most common type of plagiarism in the online world, as it doesn’t necessarily entail bad intentions. In similar niches or industries, accidental plagiarism happens all the time. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less inoffensive either, as it needs to be avoided too.

So, these three essential types of plagiarism is what annuls the credibility of any writing. Also Read – 6 Mistakes in Online Learning and How to Avoid Them

5 Recommended Tools To Avoid or Prevent Plagiarism In Assignments

Finding a plagiarism checker isn’t that difficult, but picking the right one isn’t an easy task either.

In today’s online world, many programs use the same AI for checking plagiarism. However, not all of them are as effective.

That’s something we kept in mind when formulating the list of these essential tools. Each one of them offers something unique and outstanding.

While the priority was to find something unpaid or free, some of these might offer paid subscriptions as well.

However, most of these tools allow you to check at least a thousand words a day without paying a penny.

So, let’s dive in and discuss these five recommended tools to avoid plagiarism.

1. Plagiarism Checker by PrePostSEO


Plagiarism Checker Input


Plagiarism Checker Output

Plagiarism checker by PrePostSEO is one of the best tools you will encounter. It’s also one of the first few results in SERP, which should tell you why it’s on this list.

Moreover, the reviews and experiences of writers on this tool are remarkable.

On top of that, it offers a viable mobile phone application, which ensures that you can check any sort of content on the go.

As for its prowess with assignments, it’s the best tool that you can use today. It doesn’t let any plagiarism slip by and ensures that you find duplicity.

Moreover, it shows you the percentage of plagiarism which allows you to remove it one percent each time.


  • Remarkably light and swift
  • Offers an unparalleled mobile phone app
  • Ideal for students & professionals both
  • Offers 5000 words a day on free sign-up
  • Highly convenient


  • Too many ads sometimes

2. Paraphrasing Tool By

Paraphraser Tool

Paraphraser.IO is one of the leading paraphrasing tools in today’s world. It also offers an accompanying plagiarism checker.

So, using this tool alongside its plagiarism-detecting supplement tool can help you prevent or avoid plagiarism.

This tool is particularly great because of its ability to change content’s tone.

So, even if there is any unwanted plagiarism in your content, it can help you remove it effectively. Furthermore, it’s ideal for usage besides plagiarism removal.

However, according to this list, the primary purpose of using this tool is to make sure your content stands out as original.

So, with its ability to rephrase great content, it can help you do just that.


  • Three content tones
  • Paraphrase into various languages
  • Accompanying plagiarism checker
  • A remarkable mobile phone app


  • None so far

3. Paraphrasing Tool By


Goparaphrase Tool Input


Goparaphrase Tool Output

It’s one of the best tools when it comes to altering or removing plagiarism from your content.

This tool particularly stands out because of its ability to create natural-sounding content.

Some of the functionalities are:


  • No registration required
  • Completely free
  • Natural content tone
  • Thoroughly steers clear of plagiarism


  • Slow working
  • Grammar mistakes

4. Plagiarism Checker By Softo.Org


Softo Plagiarism Checker Input


Softo Plagiarism Checker Output

Plagiarism checker by is also one of the best tools for checking plagiarism.

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s mostly free. Moreover, it also offers a convenient array of other tools, such as the Paraphrasing Tool, Grammar Checker, etc.


  • Swift and quick
  • Absolutely free
  • Comes with a paraphrasing tool


  • A little slow compared to PrePostSEO

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the premium tools in any writer’s arsenal. However, it does require you to loosen up $12 every month to be able to check plagiarism within your content.

Besides that, the free usage isn’t of much use. The only thing that makes this tool remarkable is its paid version.


  • Remarkably quick
  • Efficient and effective


  • Paid only


These remarkable tools can help you detect and prevent plagiarism in any sort of assignment.
The swift and mostly free nature of these tools allows students from around the globe to check for plagiarism and steer clear of it.