Exploring the Center for Innovation and Education

Everyone knows that space technology is a highly competitive branch of STEM.

But, have you heard of The Center for Innovation and Education? This learning resource helps everyone, from students to space professionals.

You need to learn about this online virtual learning platform if you’re studying space. It’s guaranteed to make your learning experience more enjoyable.

The Center is hosted in an online learning area. The unique programs offer everything you need to know about space science.

Read on to find out more.

For Students

The Space Foundation has launched The Center for Innovation and Education to help many people. This includes Pre-K-20 students. The resources include standards-based curriculum learning that covers all aspects of space-related STEM.

Students can enjoy virtual field trips, learning resources, and fun student activities. Additionally, they can join the Junior Space Program and Cadet Space Explorer Program.

For Teachers

Teachers can access The Center to help their students grasp space concepts. The variety of learning resources can add a new twist to typical lessons.

There are STEM lesson plans, E-learning tools, and lunch bytes available for teachers to download.

However, it’s not all about the students. Teachers can click here to gain access to Symposium 365 and improve their own professional development. Teachers can also use the platform to apply for annual grants. These grants help provide access to new tools and materials for student learning.

This online learning platform also hosts Education Awards for teachers. They honor educators that have gone above and beyond for their students.

For Young Professionals

The Space Foundation recognizes the importance of having tools to further your careers in the early years. For those under 35, there is a dedicated section where young professionals can network with industry leaders.

They can also sign up for symposiums, mentorship, and join regular webinars.

For Entrepreneurs

All space-based entrepreneurs know there are many common challenges in space technology, usually around establishing and expanding new concepts.

The virtual learning environment has a platform that offers training to these individuals. The programs can help them expand their business and wealth.

For Space Professionals

Finally, the Space Foundation has created revolutionary programs for space professionals. They are designed to help individuals and corporations network with the space community.

They can join the Space Commerce Series and explore the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

The Center also offers its ‘seal of approval’ and grants a Space Certification to members.

Online Training for Aspiring and Qualified Professionals

That’s everything you need to know about the newest revolutionary virtual learning platform. The center has something for everyone. Students, teachers, and qualified space professionals can all benefit.

If you’re interested in space, it’s an essential learning and networking tool.

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