what is calculus

What Is Calculus? What Are Its Benefits?

At some point during your time in school, you sat in math class wondering, “when in real life will I ever need this information?” If you have ever taken calculus,…

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5 Benefits of an Engineering Job

Engineers in the United States earn an average salary of about $66,549 annually, with top earners earning about $125,080. Pursuing a career in engineering is a noble course, and a…

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fraction calculator

Trouble With Fractions? How a Visual Fraction Calculator Can Help

Understanding fractions can be challenging for most students and is often one of the harder subjects to learn. Most students think of things as one “whole,” so fractions may not…

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best summer camp

The Undeniable Benefits of Sending Your Child to the Best Summer Camp

Did you know that summer camp fosters emotional intelligence, learning and helps kids develop lifelong skills? Whether you’re searching for the best summer camp or just wondering if this kind…

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mistakes in online learning

6 Mistakes in Online Learning and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that around 25 percent of college students chose to set up an online class schedule for their education needs? There are some amazing benefits of online learning…

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best healthcare careers

What Are Some of the Best Healthcare Careers?

According to research, the employment rate in healthcare occupations is estimated to grow 16% between 2020 to 2030. Choosing a career path in the healthcare industry can be difficult. With…

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international boarding school

How to Choose the Right International Boarding School for Your Child

Boarding schools put youngsters in a community that fosters character development and helps them excel intellectually. For many families, the decision to send their kids to international boarding school is…

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Exploring the Center for Innovation and Education

Everyone knows that space technology is a highly competitive branch of STEM. But, have you heard of The Center for Innovation and Education? This learning resource helps everyone, from students…

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liberal arts vs STEM

Liberal Arts vs STEM: Which Education Path Is Right for You?

It’s projected that about 3.7 million students graduated from high school between 2018-2019. With such a large percentage of people graduating from high school, it doesn’t mean that they’re sure…

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homeschooling a high schooler

7 Helpful Tips for Homeschooling a High Schooler

More and more people have been homeschooling their children since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is true of kids whose schools have simply shut down, or children whose…

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