Tips to Job Search: A Guide to Kickstarting a Graphic Design Career

Are you a talented graphic designer with a burning desire to find the right fit within your career? Are you a job seeker who needs clarification about how to go about seeking the right employer?

If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we will go through creative tips for job searching, bringing you a guide to help you on your quest. Read on to discover how to find the right job for your graphic design career!

Identifying Your Specialty and Career Goals

When it comes to kickstarting a graphic design career, it is important to find your specialty and career goals. Every area of graphic design is unique, so it is vital that you research the job market to discover what employers are seeking.

You may find that there will be many subspecialties within graphic design available. It includes advertising and marketing, web design and development, mobile design, branding and identity, motion graphics, and typography.

Know where your best skills fit in and what part of graphic design industry interests you most. It can help you to narrow down your job search.

Additionally, you should set yourself a clear career-related goal. It can focus on a particular design style, become an expert in one area, or apply in-depth methods to existing designs.

Developing a Polished Resume and Portfolio

Having a polished resume and portfolio is essential when kickstarting a graphic design career. When crafting a resume, highlight your qualifications, experiences, and any relevant awards and certifications.

Make sure to proofread your resume for accuracy and clarity. For the portfolio, select key pieces that show your graphic design skills. It includes knowing how to convert PNG to SVG, make spotless designs, and have professional execution. Optimize for the web and include a link to your portfolio in your resume.

Additionally, when applying for jobs online, make sure to customize your resume and portfolio to the job description and showcase how you are the best fit. Do your research on the company and ensure you answer all their questions with information that is both accurate and specific. Finally, don’t forget to include contact information and follow up with those you sent your resume.

Networking and Research to Land the Right Position

The most important first steps in a job search for a graphic design career include networking and research. Networking is a powerful tool for making proper connections. It can help build a presence in the design community.

Networking events, forums, and websites are great resources for finding out what current opportunities are available. Additionally, research potential companies and their roles. It is a great way to make sure that you’re applying for positions that meet your skills.

Also, researching surrounding roles, such as marketing or user experience, can give you a wider reach for opportunities. Finally, make sure to ask one’s contacts for references, referrals, and recommendations. Reaching out to those you know in the industry can help you build relationships and meet better leads on potential positions.

Follow This Guide to Pursuing a Graphic Design Career

Throughout this guide, you hopefully have gained the tools and knowledge to start your graphic design career successfully. Remember to stay persistent, stay positive when the going gets tough, network, look for freelance and full-time opportunities, and take the time to complete each task.

Now, go out there and jumpstart your career! Want more career advice? Check out our blog for more helpful guides and tips!