3 Signs You Need to Hire an Executive Function Coach

Do you feel a little lost at work?

If you’ve just recently started a new job and you feel a little out of it, we get it. However, you shouldn’t start feeling this way several months after you start working. If possible, you should start noticing problems several weeks into your work.

Here are some of the signs that you need to hire an executive function coach.

1. Unable to Complete Tasks on Time

When it comes to completing tasks on time, an executive function coach can help identify and address problems as early as possible. If you’re having difficulty planning, organizing, struggling with time management, impulsive behavior, difficulty focusing, or an inability to meet deadlines, an executive function coach can provide support and guidance.

In addition, if you’re often overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have, unable to prioritize or break tasks down into smaller goals, or struggling to stay on top of your schedule, an executive function coach can help you develop strategies to increase your productivity and meet your goals.

2. Difficulties with Organization

Organizational challenges can be quite frustrating and stressful, especially as they can have a huge impact on both professional and personal life. Signs you may need to hire an executive function coach include difficulty with planning and organizing tasks, difficulty prioritizing assignments, difficulty sequencing steps to complete a task, difficulty following instructions, difficulty beginning and finishing projects, difficulty with impulse control, and difficulty detecting patterns or sequences.

An executive function coach can help develop strategies to not just manage these challenges but to enable long-term success. It can be especially helpful to youths and adults or executive functioning challenges, as the executive function coach will understand the individual’s unique challenges and design a program tailored to meet their needs.

In addition to helping with organization, study skills coaching can also help cultivate effective habits, gain clarity, and create regular structures.

3. Having Hectic Family Schedule

Having a hectic family schedule can be overwhelming and exhausting, so it’s important to recognize the signs you need to hire an executive function coach. If you’re struggling to keep track of important tasks and events, have difficulty planning and organizing resources, or feel consistently overwhelmed and behind, then hiring an executive function coach may be the best course of action.

An executive function coach can help you develop a routine and strategies to better manage your family’s schedule. Those strategies can help you plan ahead and break down larger tasks into smaller ones that are easier to manage. They can also show you methods to stay motivated and manage your time more productively.

Find Signs of an Executive Function Coach

An executive function coach can help you or your child understand and better use executive acting skills.

If you find that you or your child need help understanding tasks or staying organized, or if tasks are taking longer than they should, consider hiring an executive act coach.

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