Why is Chemistry Important for the Study of Living Things?

Chemistry is not only a scientific and theoretical discipline. This is one of the most applied sciences in practice. Industry, service industry, and just any family use her discoveries.

The Role of Chemistry in Human Life

The importance of chemistry in human life can hardly be overestimated. There are several of the most significant areas of chemistry that affect human life. Firstly, the appearance of a man – would be impossible without chemistry. Secondly, all material needs are somehow connected with chemistry, since they are satisfied with the help of it. Finally, human high aspirations are based on the chemistry of the human body and, in particular, are highly dependent on the chemical processes in the human brain.

The result of industrial chemistry is everyday things, medicines, food. Inside every living organism, chemical reactions take place that help to digest food, lead an active lifestyle, and communicate.


Having arisen as the science of the chemistry of life at the end of the 19th century, which was preceded by the rapid development of organic chemistry, biochemistry differs from organic chemistry in that it studies only those substances and chemical reactions that take place in living organisms, primarily in a living cell. Over the past two centuries, biochemistry was destined to play an outstanding role in the knowledge of living nature. This science studies biologically important natural and artificial (synthetic) structures, chemical compounds – both biopolymers and low molecular weight substances.

Biochemistry unites all knowledge about living things, and its study contributes to a better understanding of any field of science, making it possible to explain how living organisms solve some fundamental problems facing physics and chemistry. Young people need to be prepared for a future of growing concern for the health and well-being of all of humanity. It is this section of chemistry that studies living things.

The Role of Biochemistry in the Study of Living Things

Chemistry is important for the study of living things because it helps scientists understand life processes at the molecular level, since at any molecular level, all life processes occur through various minor or basic chemical reactions. Chemistry, in fact, plays a huge role in the existence of all living things. She explains even the simplest processes. As you read this article, your eyes are using an organic compound called retinal, which converts light energy into nerve impulses.

While you are sitting in a comfortable position, your back muscles maintain proper posture by chemically breaking down glucose to release the required energy. As you can imagine, the gaps between nerve cells are also filled with organic substances – mediators. Man is a complex system consisting of various elements and organic substances. But their constant replenishment is required. Calcium, potassium, oxygen, phosphorus, amino acids – all this should be supplied to the body with food. The influence of external substances affects a person in different ways. So, taking aspirin through a chemical reaction thins the blood. For one person, with thick blood and a tendency to blood clots, this is salvation. For another, with a bleeding disorder, the use of this medication can be fatal. We see that chemistry has long been a part of our life.

Chemical Research

Special attention has long been focused on artificial gene synthesis. A gene, or, to put it simply, a functionally significant piece of DNA, today can already be obtained by chemical synthesis. This is one of the important areas of the fashionable now “genetic engineering”. Works at the junction of bioorganic chemistry and molecular biology require mastering the most complex techniques and friendly cooperation between chemists and biologists.

Scientists are attracted not only by proteins, but also by shorter chains of amino acids called peptides. Among them are hundreds of substances of enormous physiological significance. Vasopressin and angiotensin are involved in the regulation of blood pressure, gastrin controls the secretion of gastric juice, gramicidin C and polymyxin are antibiotics, which also include the so-called memory substances. Also Read – How to Set Study Goals That Work for You

Chemistry in Human Life

As far as is now known, our planet was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago, and the simplest fermenting unicellular life forms have existed for 3.5 billion years. With the advent of man, chemistry has become an integral part of everyday life. All medicines contain chemicals that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The main source of fuel is minerals. Food includes chemical compounds of plant and animal origin. To improve taste, extend shelf life, maintain color, chemical preservatives, stabilizers, and dyes are used.

Chemical processes surround people, filling human existence with meaning. Chemistry is around us in everything: from ordinary activities, like preparing dinner and ending with
the most important processes that occur in the human body. Thanks to chemistry, important missions are carried out, like saving people from death, thanks to the creation of vaccines and medicines. This science will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is full of interesting discoveries and experiments. The emergence and development of human life is not possible without chemistry. It is chemical processes, many of whose secrets scientists have not yet revealed, that are responsible for that gigantic transition from inanimate matter to the simplest unicellular.

School subjects are tacitly subdivided into “easy” and “difficult”. Of course, no one will officially confirm this, but it is believed that subjects such as literature, history, geography, in general, are easier to study than mathematics, physics and chemistry. Despite its complexity, chemistry is a very interesting science. And we see how important it is in the study of living things. Knowledge of chemistry is needed for the development of chemical production, improving the quality of life of people. The competent use of chemical knowledge allows mankind to solve the most important problems of our time – food, energy, and the environment. Therefore, it is imperative to be interested in chemistry. If it happens you need chemistry homework help from assignment experts, you can always address professional services online to have your chemistry projects done from scratch.