Should I Get My Masters in Education?

By now, we all know there’s a teacher shortage in the US, right? Unfortunately, you may not know the extent of the problem, as 78% of schools report that it is difficult to recruit qualified teachers in their areas.

With that in mind, aspiring educators may want to rush to close these gaps. However, it may be worthwhile to pursue your education first. Let’s find out if it’s worth it to earn a master’s degree in education before entering the field and look at some education options to consider!

Is a Master’s Degree in Education Worth It?

Before we discuss educational options, let’s first see if a master’s degree is worth pursuing. Everybody has different needs, but here’s what a MA in education can do for you!


While it depends heavily on where you live, a master’s degree in education can open doors for you that may not otherwise open. For example, states like Massachusetts require all teachers to either hold or pursue a master’s degree while teaching (with some exceptions), whereas other states may only require a bachelor’s degree.

Also, if you want to teach at a private school, those institutions may have their own guidelines or educational requirements. Overall, having a master’s degree will help keep your opportunities available, especially early in your teaching career.

Later on, having these opportunities available will make you more secure in your career. If tenure doesn’t work out at one school, there’s always another for qualified educators!


Teachers with master’s degrees will earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees on average. The median teacher with a BA earns roughly $46,000 a year, while a teacher with a master’s degree earns over $64,000 annually.

That’s quite a stark difference, but there are a few variables to note. First, states with lenient restrictions on teacher qualifications typically pay less, so area is a major determining factor yet again.

Also, you’ll have to consider that people with advanced degrees may stay in the profession longer. However, this is likely a result of higher pay and better working conditions!

Look At Your Education Options

If you want to pursue your master’s degree, then it’s time to talk about schooling options. You need to find the best school for your needs, based on cost, availability, acceptance, scheduling, and more.

Moreover, if you want a flexible schedule that gives you the best education possible when pursuing a master’s in education, you may want to get your masters here.

Get a Degree on Your Time

Now that you know some education options to consider, earn a degree in a field and institution that makes sense for you. Everybody has different goals in life, but if you want to be a teacher, a master’s degree is worth the extra effort.

Start your educational path today and stay up to date with our latest career tips to learn more!